We at Kevron consider ourselves to be an environmentally aware and environmentally friendly enterprise.

Kevron adopts a number of procedures in the manufacture, storage, packaging and distribution of our products to ensure the least possible amount of waste is created by our company.

The production process for our keytags, keytag racks, luggage labels, hotel/motel tags and vinotags is such that very little waste plastic material is created during the production process. Any waste that is created is recycled in our business.

Many of the cardboard cartons used at Kevron for packaging and storage of products are made using recycled materials. In addition, any cardboard and paper products used by Kevron which cannot be re-used in our day to day activities, is disposed of in such a manner that allows the waste to be recycled and ready for use in other cardboard and paper products.

The manufacturing process at Kevron does not result in the release of harmful gases in to the atmosphere, or the release of dangerous fluids or chemicals in to our waterways or drainage systems.